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Early Investing, an independent investment research firm, recently recommended Soar Robotics to its investor community. Early Investing's mission is to help identify the most promising investment opportunities outside the stock market. With more than 140,000 readers and 40,000 subscribers, Early Investing is a leading destination for guidance in the alternative investment space.

Their previous recommendations include some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, including Spotify, Lyft, Dropbox, and many more. If you would like to learn more about Early Investing, you may do so here.

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We are raising on Republic, and fast approaching to the end of our round. If you would like to join Soar Robotics as an investor, you may do so here.

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Accepted into Microsoft for Startups 🚀, patent application submitted, giant client deal on the horizon 🌅

Issue #4

We see partnerships with big cloud service providers an essential asset for us to sustain the widespread adaptation of our technology. As you know, we are a partner at the NVIDIA Inception Program, and this week we have been accepted into Microsoft for Startups program. The program focuses on autonomous vehicles and robots of all kinds. The new partnership is a chance for us to start implementing and testing our cloud robotics architecture on Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

Past week, we submitted our new patent application. As we discussed in numerous cases, our vision is to solve the connectivity and real-time data management problem of autonomous vehicles. One of our innovations in the field of autonomous drones and vehicles in a broader sense is our robotics base stations. 

Robotic Bases are either stationary or mobile robots that provide powerful edge computing capabilities. They can store parts of the cloud intelligence when requested by autonomous drones and vehicles, allowing them to utilize the necessary functions even in the absence of a robust communication link. In terms of connectivity, the Robotic Bases act as multi-casting routers to provide cloud intelligence to autonomous agents using the internet. We submitted a new patent application for our robotic base innovation. 

We are working on a new big deal with a UK company to deploy our solution for a new 500 MW solar plant. Still not signed, but will publish an update as soon as we sign an LOI.

Don’t forget to check our Republic page; You can still invest in Soar Robotics via Republic. 

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Soar Robotics Updates

Issue #3

Dear Soar Robotics community, our CTO Deniz was recently interviewed by Unite.AI. Unite.AI offers detailed analysis and news on the latest robotics and AI breakthroughs.

During the interview, we had a chance to discuss our cloud-connected robotics intelligence platform and how we are utilizing AI and machine learning to solve many challenging real-life problems. 

As you might know, Soar Robotics is a part of NVIDIA’s Inception Program, which is an exclusive program for AI startups. Deniz also discussed how we utilize NVIDIA products for onboard computation. 

One of the crucial highlights of the article is the part where Deniz discussed our future direction. He mentioned how our connectivity board and software stack solves the challenges of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights by forming ad hoc drone networks. These networking capabilities will enable seamless, safe, and intelligent operations for any autonomous aerial vehicle.

We will roll out the alpha program in a few months. So if you are a drone enthusiast, startup, or drone service provider, we would be glad to see you on board. Please send us an email at info@soarrobotics.com

Don’t forget to check our Republic page; You can still invest in Soar Robotics via Republic. 

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Soar Robotics Updates

Issue #2

Dear Soar Robotics community, we are approaching the end of our Republic campaign. So far, it has been an excellent experience for us in terms of forming new connections with a diverse group of investors. To all our investors, thank you for your support.

The number one reason for us to launch on Republic platform was to learn from the wisdom of the crowd. Instead of focusing on a narrowly focused and isolated investor base, we decided to open our company to a broader base. As a team, we believe large groups are collectively smarter than individuals, and that even applies to specific areas like robotics or AI. By pooling our investors' thoughts and ideas, we are better equipped to develop great products and solve many challenging problems. We continuously receive excellent feedback that expands our vision in many fields, and we thank all our contributors.

We will continue to be live for two more weeks. So, please check our Republic page, if you haven't done yet.

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As we continue developing new connectivity and robotic intelligence products, last week, we completed a new preliminary work on a new enterprise client’s site.

3D Visualization of the field, generated from the preliminary flights

To give you more information about the process, we start our work by measuring high-precision GPS coordinates for several stationary ground control points, which is the first step in almost all of our installations. After that, our team goes on to execute fully-autonomous survey flights on and around the premises. Then we immediately process data from the survey flights on our edge servers. Our AI-powered software provides us with insights on optimal flight routes, Robotic Base placement options, cell signal coverage, and many other parameters to perfect the system installation.

Then we are all set to go. Our technology allows us to completely integrate our solutions to the client site and client software. We will be helping our client's businesses grow by automating inspection and monitoring tasks within their premises to enhance their security and logistics operations.

If you are looking to learn more about how drones can be utilized in your industry, please send us an email at info at soarrobotics.com

Soar Robotics Above the Clouds

Issue #1

Drone-related applications are flourishing, and so does our business. We have been continuing to develop our technology, which enables us to serve various industries like solar energy, security, construction, and agriculture. These services we provide are already contributing immensely to the formation of a vast market of commercial drones, which is expected to reach $129.23B in size by 2025. 

The services that we offer through our technology help solve some of the most challenging problems within many industries. Our fully autonomous industrial drones and ground bases continue to save vast amounts of time and money while augmenting the quality of work done. Although we have been able to surpass the limitations of existing solutions, this is only the beginning for us. We are on a journey to provide connectivity and robotic intelligence to create better, smarter, collaborative, and safer autonomous agents.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight Flights

One of the significant problems that are hindering the progress of fully-automated, Beyond Visual Line of Sight Flights is connectivity. A robust communication link to any flying robot is critical both in terms of command and control, and real-time data transmission. We have been meeting these main requirements through the utilization of current mobile telecommunications technologies. On the other hand, we have also experienced many situations where the current state of the art had failed to satisfy the demanding nature of autonomous aerial robots. 

We will be posting an article where we will discuss the following topics in detail: 

  • How connectivity will enable autonomous aerial vehicles to become fully operational

  • Different requirements of various drone applications and data types regarding connectivity such as data rate, bandwidth, coverage, and latency 

  • Readiness level of current cellular network technologies to support fully autonomous operation of aerial vehicles

  • Shortcomings of current mobile network technologies and our novel approach to the problems in hand 

    Don’t forget to check our Republic page; our campaign continues on Republic.co.

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