New Product Launch

One of our fundamental goals at Soar Robotics is to enable full autonomy for aerial and ground vehicles. The critical component of this is to solve the connectivity problem and create tools that will help developers prototype advanced features with ease. In recent months, we are working on developing two products. Here are the details:

UT-4AW “Universal Transceiver for the Autonomous World”

State of the art in sensors, computation, and propulsion technologies have proven to be enormous enablers for intelligence and autonomy in vehicles. However, the problem of connectivity still stands in the way of fully-autonomous operation. Current connectivity options such as direct links, terrestrial cellular networks, and satellite communications have proven to be insufficient when it comes to providing for autonomous vehicles. The growth potential of many industries is inhibited due to the lack of proper connectivity software and hardware. To address this issue, we have been developing a transceiver module to provide ultra-low latency, ultra-reliable, high-throughput, and broad-coverage communications for autonomous aerial and ground vehicles. We assign real-time signal processing tasks to COTS computational hardware by utilizing a software-defined approach. So we define unique connectivity options for each vehicle that operates in various environments with a broad range of missions. We will roll out UT-4AW “Universal Transceiver for the Autonomous World” in early September.

Simulair platform

The rise of open-source robotic platforms paved the way for a broader developer community to focus on robotics and develop more initiatives than ever. However, some obstacles are slowing down the development, especially the software development for robotic systems. One of them is the absence of an easy-to-use simulation platform that allows to develop and test robotic systems software independent of hardware. We believe simulations are crucial to expanding robotics development to a broader base. Also, we think they must be more connected, allowing multiple robots and users to simulate in the same virtual world and interact with each other and digital twins of real world agents. We will release the sign-up page for Simulair platform in few weeks.

As we are working towards the full launch of products, we like to connect with autonomous aerial and ground vehicle manufacturers, developers, and companies from the autonomous vehicle ecosystem. If you are one of them, we would be glad if you reach us directly or share our offerings to any interested companies and developers in your network.

Please contact us directly at Kerem ( or Deniz (

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